Stringer/ Spindle Cup

Stringer/ Spindle Cup, Custom-Made Brushes

The Stringer/ Spindle Cupes that Attari Trade offers are manufactured using high grade steel or mild steel wires. This in turn contributes to the efficiency & durability of the brushes.

The brushes are extensively employed in the engineering and automotive industry for operations like cleaning of casting moulds as well as removing rust from the metal surfaces. Apart from this, these are also used for pain and burr removal and the cleaning of welding joints.

Our clients can also avail of our customization services, wherein we manufacture the range of products in line with their exact specifications.

Stringer/ Spindle Cup Enquiries

We would be pleased to discuss the supply of our Stringer/ Spindle Cupes to meet your needs. Please , call us @ +91 044 252 165 38 or send us a message for additional information.