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  • High Quality Industrial Brushes

    High Quality Brushes

    ATA are one of the largest manufacturers of high quality industrial brushes, domestic brushes, pharmaceutical brushes, textile machine brushes, printing brushes, applicator brushes & custom-made brushes.

  • World-Class Technology

    World-Class Technology

    Integrated modern technologies in manufacturing with innovative concepts ensure the wide spread acceptance and availability of our products.

  • Industry / Manufacturing Plant

    Industry / Manufacturing Plant

    Fully integrated manufacturing plant with a state-of-the-art facitlity to manufacture any type of brushes.

  • Brushes Application

    Brushes Application

    Our brushes are used in both domestic & commercial textile, diary, Paper, food, pharmaceutical, automotive, construction, steel, and other industries.

Product Brushes Enquiries

We are pleased to receive any type of enquiry whether relating to a standard type product or in relation to the development of a bespoke brush solution. Please , call us @ +91 044 252 165 38 or send us a message for additional information.