About our Products

As one of the largest manufacturers of stocked "off the shelf" & "custom designed" quality assured industrial brush solutions in Chennai, India, Attari Trade Associates is able to offer customers a one-stop total-solution based service encompassing design, prototyping, engineering & manufacturing. This one-stop solution approach in turn enables us to be highly competitive & flexible, while at the same time guaranteeing the highest standards in quality & service.

By drawing upon our extensive industry knowledge & experience while combining it with a value proposition based around providing the fastest, most efficient value for money service in the industry, ATA have earned the reputation as a world-class manufacturer & successfully established its ubiquity in the Indian Brush Industry.

Our Commitment to quality

ATA is committed to maintaining it's excellent standards of brushware products, which is second to none in the world. Our high quality & expertise, proven during 15 years of supplying the national & international markets enables the company to meet the needs of any company or individual requiring the highest quality brushware product.

Product Brushes Enquiries

We would be pleased to discuss the supply of our products to meet your needs. Please , call us @ +91 044 252 165 38 or send us a message for additional information.