Textile Machine Brushes

In recent years, we have witnessed a significant technological development in the textile industry. In this context, even the application of accessories, like brushes, becomes relevant. It is therefore important for these accessories to be manufactured with technology, competence & adequate experience, in line with the product on with they will be applied.

As far as textile industry is concerned, we are able to supply cylindrical, circular & linear brushes with high quality brush frames & covering materials. ATA supplies long cylindrical brushes, with low allowance necks & dynamic balancing, in accordance with their use in single applications ensuring excellent functionality.

The industrial textile machine brushes we manufacture & supply are made of qualitative raw material that posse a longer life span as a unique feature. These brushes help in cleaning of the objects placed at a height. We supply these industrial textile machine brushes in varied sizes & also modify them accordingly as demanded by the client. Standard type of brushes for various textile machinery. Our range includes textile brush rollers & brushes for textile machine.

Textile Machine Brushes Enquiries

We would be pleased to discuss the supply of our textile machine brushes to meet your needs. Please , call us @ +91 044 252 165 38 or send us a message for additional information.